The Bugling Bull Elk – A Prize Trophy

A successful elk hunt can get you a really big trophy. Big bulls can be the catch of a lifetime and will make you the envy of your deer hunting peers. So why not go for it?  Although you will need to adhere to a few regulations, there are several states in which you can legally hunt elk. Some of the best places to enjoy an elk hunt include Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon.

Hunting elk can be a challenging and exciting backcountry adventure. So you’ll want to prepare by getting in shape (it can require lots of hiking), working on your elk call and perfecting your rifle, handgun or bow hunting technique. Once you’ve caught your bull, let our Montana Taxidermy services create an amazing taxidermy mount for your home or business.  Our professionally trained staff uses high-quality tanning services and mounting equipment to ensure your trophy lasts a lifetime.

The Trophy Bull Elk

The Trophy Bull Elk will look great in a business showroom or large recreation room.   Humongous, it will get everyone’s attention. Let us pose it for you to look as though it is strolling or grazing. We can also add landscaping details to the mount to better tell the story of your hunt.

Full Elk Shoulder Mount

Full Elk Shoulder Mounts are really impressive. They artistically show off the beauty and strength of this animal. When choosing a pose for your trophy, your options include a classic straight head pose or one that shows the elk looking left, right or even down. We can also manipulate its facial expression for added realism such as giving it a relaxed or sneaky look. Every mount comes with a hanger for easy display over your fireplace or on a feature wall.

Elk Hide Taxidermy

With its really thick skin, the elk also makes a luxurious hide or rug. Similar to bear rug taxidermy, you can place it on the floor in your den or entryway. You can also use it to dress up the wall of your cabin or office.

The Elk Antler

Elk Antler-like Deer Antler Mounts are ideal when you’re on a tight budget or have limited space.  It highlights the beauty, size, and color of the elk’s antlers. Really large and elongated in shape, they will take your breath away. Customize your Elk Antler Mount with your choice of mounting covers or added accessories like decorative braids or nails that complement your décor.

Other options include elk skull mounts or pedestal mounts.

Field Care

Be sure to properly cape your catch so that your elk mount is not compromised. You can hire an expert to cape your animal or do it yourself with the help of online resources like instructional videos. Get the catch to us as soon as you can.