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Mel Siefke

Mel Siefke has been a leading taxidermist and wildlife artist for more than thirty years.  Growing up in northwest Montana, Mel is an accomplished hunter and outdoorsman who has been featured in numerous TV shows and publications for both his hunting and taxidermy skills.  His company Wildlife Recapture specializes in some of the most creative and challenging wildlife recreations in the world.  His work can be seen in the Eastman's Collection, Cabela's, Bass Pro-Shops, Dick's Sporting Goods signature Field & Stream Stores, and in the homes and trophy rooms of more than five thousand customers.  

With a masterful eye for detail and using the latest technologies and materials, clients from around the world rely on Mel's skill and team to capture the memories of their hunt.  Mel has mounted more big game animals both full and partial mounts then any other North American taxidermist.  Whether a wild turkey, bugling Elk, or lions on the plains of Africa, each is a custom piece on to itself.  His love of recapturing wildlife and bringing the essence of the hunt to life is more than his career, it's his passion.