Our Mission

To continue to be the world leader in wildlife taxidermy and restoration by constantly evolving; using the latest products and cutting edge techniques in everything we do.

Wildlife Recapture has the experience, the reputation and the most advanced Taxidermy supplies available, to recreate the most accurate and anatomically correct taxidermy art in the world today.

We continue to lead the taxidermy world in custom mounts and designs.  Through our endless development of new techniques and to sustain our competitive edge, we are known to be the definitive world leader in distinctive and unique wildlife art.

Like every other hunter, I work very hard for my trophies... too hard to have a poor job done on the taxidermy. That’s why I trust Wildlife Recapture with all of my work. Wildlife Recapture has been doing all of our taxidermy work here at Eastman’s for years. I wouldn’t even consider sending one of my animals anywhere else. Top quality work, a fair price and a quicker turn around? Need I say more?
— Guy Eastman - Eastman's Hunting Journals

What We've Achieved

  • World wide recognition in taxidermy
  • Approved by the USDA to perform taxidermy on:
    • Hunted trophies
    • Mount trophies
    • Store and/or process restricted* materials
    • Display restricted* materials
    • Irradiate restricted* materials

(* A restricted material is a product from a country of disease concern to the USDA.) 

  • Licensed African and Asian Receiving Agent
  • Ability to ship world wide
    • When hunters go outside of the United States to hunt, they need what is called a broker to get their trophies back into the States. The broker can help get the paper work done right and through customs, as it can get complicated and stressful. We use Hunter International Brokerage Services, Inc. (www.hunter-international.net) and Coppersmith (www.coppersmith.com).
  • Official Sponsor of the Eastmans' Deer Tour