Quality Turkey Wall Mount in Montana, USA

Hunting turkeys is a popular sport worldwide. Whether you choose to hunt this game with a shotgun, crossbow or rifle, snagging a wild turkey can be a really proud moment. Show off and preserve your catch by turning your turkey into a beautiful mount. We can help you to display your trophy artistically in your home or office. Mount the entire turkey in a strutting (with feathers fanned upward), standing or roosting pose. You can also mount it on a pedestal, stand or tree branch for placement on a table, desk or mantle. Many hunters however prefer a turkey wall mount as it can become a lovely piece of art when showcased on the wall of a family room, office or cabin.

Our taxidermy turkeys are professionally preserved using the most quality materials and latest in conservation techniques. We will take pride in and will give the utmost care when handling your hunt. With a taxidermy collectible such as a turkey wall mount, you will be able to cherish the memory of your catch while telling the story of your hunt again and again.

Specialists in restoration, we can also clean, repair and renovate an old bird mount. This includes bringing life back to faded mounts and replacing broken parts. Send us your old bird mount and we will make it look like new again.

You can also purchase a turkey wall mount or other wild turkey taxidermy product from our valued collection. We offer a wide array of turkey taxidermy mounts including life-size, chest, wild turkey fan or turkey wall mounts. Many of our taxidermy animals including turkeys are in stock and ready to ship to you anywhere in the world.