Buy Deer Antler Mounts on Sale

Commemorate your hunt by preserving your trophy in a beautiful deer mount. With Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy, you can choose from a variety of deer mount styles including a relaxed or upright pose. To give it more of a finished look, we can attach it to a wooden plaque to be hung in your favorite room. Want your trophy to have a unique design? Have your deer mounted on a stand or floor pedestal for you to showcase in your entryway.

Not a hunter? Don’t worry. We have a wide assortment of deer antler mounts and deer mounts for sale including head and shoulder mounts. Place them in your home, office or cabin to add a touch of nature to your decor. They make a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast on Father’s Day, a birthday or holiday. Peruse through our collection to find just the right deer mount for sale to gift to your loved one.

Looking for something a little smaller for your fireplace mantle or desk. Our detached deer antler mounts might be the perfect choice. They range in size and come in a variety of shades. Buy single deer antlers or a pair of deer antler mounts attached to an oak or walnut plaque for easy placement on your wall.

Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy has deer mounts for sale along with numerous other taxidermy products. Being professional taxidermists, we take pride in our products but also seek to offer the best in customer service. Consequently, we will take extreme care in the packaging and delivery of your deer mount or deer antler mount. Be assured that you will receive your taxidermy trophy in pristine condition. We ship our deer mounts for sale worldwide to any residential or commercial address.