Lifelike Deer Mounts

Deer hunting is very popular in North America. Although some prefer to hunt deer for their meat or venison, others hunt for the sport of it. If you are a sport hunter, you’re likely a collector of trophies. And if you are new to the sport, you’re probably anxious to secure your first trophy buck. 

Trust us with your catch to make it into a trophy that you can keep for a lifetime. Our Montana Taxidermy Service will ensure your mount is realistic and looks alive. We only use the highest quality supplies including glass eyes and natural looking teeth. Choose from a variety of styles, poses and backing to give your deer mount a custom-look.

The Neck Mount

With the neck mount you’ll showcase much of the animal without taking up a lot of room on your wall. We will pose your deer neck for you to tell the story of your catch. If you want to have your deer mount show emotion and drama, we will put your deer neck in a full upright or a full sneak pose. The semi-upright form provides a very relaxed look and is possibly the most natural stance of them all.

The Full Body Mount

Splurge on the full-body mount which is sure to impress everyone who visits your home or office. Upgrade your deer mount with the addition of a habitat base. Our team will also work with you to create a complete wildlife scene that is museum quality.

Shoulder Mount

The shoulder trophy mount is the most preferred mount style for deer. It showcases the head, neck and shoulders of the deer. To give it added flair, we can open the animals mouth, make the eyes bigger or change the position of the ears. Hang the trophy directly on your wall or have it displayed on a pedestal. 

Deer Antler Mounts

Deer Antler Mounts are very economical. They are also simple, clean and take up a small amount of space in your home, office or cabin. Customize your mount with your choice of a skullcap. You can also choose from a desk or wall mount to complement the decor in your hunting lodge or game room.

The European Mount

Mount your complete deer head using the European Mount. Its rustic, natural look showcases a bare, all white skull that will highlight the deer’s antlers. The European Mount is also called a Texas or Western Skull Mount.


Solid wood panels can also give a more polished and finished look to your mount. Panels can be used with deer antler, shoulder and European mounts. Let us personalize your panel with a trophy plate or a photo from your hunt. 

Before you visit or call our office, know where you want to place your trophy. For example, do you want to mount it on a wall or on a table/pedestal. This will help us to know how much height and width space you will need. Also, it will help to hear about the hunt and your experience. Think about how the deer was looking when you surprised it. Remember your mount will give you the opportunity to brag about your trip and excursion.