Black Bear Rug Taxidermy

If you’ve never been black bear hunting, you should move it to the top of your bucket list. It is an exhilarating adventure that will give you a real thrill. Along with exploring the wilderness and getting a close up look at nature, you’ll like the excitement that comes with your spotting a bear.

A black bear can be a treasured trophy for the avid hunter. So once you’ve successfully hunted a bear, let Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy turn your catch into a treasured showcase. We can mount the head, butt or create a life-size taxidermy mount for an eye catching display at your home, cabin or office.  If you’d prefer, we can also commemorate your hunt with a bear rug taxidermy.

Where to Hunt

Wyoming, North Carolina, Idaho and the state of Montana are some of the best places in which to hunt black bears. Whether you want to take a bear hunting trip in the fall or spring, you’ll find someplace in the United States or Canada where bear hunting is allowed.

Black Bear Hunting Tips

Before you attempt to snag a bear, make sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations for bear hunting in the county/state you are visiting. For example, do you have the appropriate license? Because bears have a strong sense of smell, setting baits are the best way to trap a bear. But note that some baits are not permitted in certain states and regions. So you’ll want to be clear as to what kind of bait or trap you can legally use.

Your Bear Hunting Trophy

After catching your first bear, you’ll be ecstatic and proud. But before you send it to our Montana Taxidermy facility, you’ll need to tag it and field dress it like you would any other large game. Do this as soon as possible and then get the carcass to a cool and dry place for holding. Field dressing a bear however can be a little more detailed than that of a deer and other wildlife. So be sure to study techniques before going on your first bear hunting excursion. You’ll also need to have a sled or game cart with you for to easily transport your trophy.

Try to get the carcass to our Montana Taxidermy office within a day or two of the hunt. You’ll also want to imagine how you’ll want the bear to look in your home or office.  We can actually pose your bear upright, walking, in attack position or even sleeping. Shoulder mounts are also ideal if you have limited space.

Having thick fur, black bears also make beautiful and luxurious rugs. Depending upon the size of the animal, black bear rugs can be quite large so think about where you will actually put it. Be assured that we will take really good care of your trophy. Our professional bear rug taxidermy process includes both tanning and padding.  

Feel free to call us if you have questions before leaving for your hunt. Let us help you tell your hunting story with our professional taxidermy services.