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Quality, World-wide Taxidermy Service by Wildlife Recapture
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Taxidermist Taxidermy Supplies and Services

Custom Taxidermy Trophies For Sale!

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Custom and Competition Mounts!

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Taxidermist Taxidermy Supplies and Services We received the blacktail mount today in good shape! All I can say is OUTSTANDING job, we are very pleased! My daughter, Spring, just got home from school and she is beside herself with excitement, she loves it!

Thanks for all the good work! If this fall requires us to do some more taxidermy, we will definitely be giving you a call! Thanks again.
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since 10-20-08

Taxidermist Taxidermy Supplies and Services

Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy is located in Northwest Montana and provides both local and world-wide award winning quality taxidermy service.

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Taxidermy Service

Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy provides custom taxidermy service for your prized trophy catch for wide variety of North American wildlife, African and Asian Wildlife, and Fish and Bird wildlife.

Skillful care is used to personalize each item! It isn't just a slap the hide on a form and there you go.
We bring it to life!

Taxidermist Taxidermy Supplies and Services "Like every other hunter, I work very hard for my trophies... too hard to have a poor job done on the taxidermy. That's why I trust Mel and Kevin with all of my work. Wildlife Recapture has been doing all of our taxidermy work here at Eastman's for years. I wouldn't even consider sending one of my animals anywhere else. Top quality work, a fair price and a quicker turn around? Need I say more?"
Guy Eastman
Eastman's Hunting Journals

Wildlife Recapture uses all of the latest and best materials available from around the globe. We strive to be the top producers of quality wildlife art which surpasses others for quality mounts that will last for generations to come.

By definition, a Taxidermist is one whom practices the art of Taxidermy, which is to artfully remove and preserve the skin. As a taxidermy professional, wildlife Recapture reproduces animals for mounting and display. Within the past 100 years, the art of Taxidermy, has evolved and been improved upon in order to improve upon the quality of the recreated trophies, as well as lower the toxicity which is included in the profession. There are specific Taxidermy supplies, which are utilized and designed for this profession. Taxidermy supplies include objects such as the Mounting Kits, and cutting utilities used, as well as chemicals that are used to recapture the condition of the skin, rather than allow it to degenerate and wither, as skin does without life beneath it.

As a Taxidermist professional, wildlife Recapture caters to the particular hunt of the season as well as Hunters, Fishermen, Hobbyists and Amateurs of the day. Regardless if it is your first hunt you wish to have mounted or your 100th hunt you are preserving, every Taxidermist at Wildlife Recapture, have the right Taxidermy supplies, for your mounting job.

The size and the species are how we determine the mount for the display of a prized wildlife trophy. In addition to the various mounts, there are different Taxidermy supplies which are utilized to keep the integrity of the skin in top shape. Our experience is what makes a great. Our professionalism is what makes us dependable, and our passion is what keeps us in the game.

For the best Taxidermist, come to Wildlife Recapture, because we want to make sure that your prize is recaptured for you to continue to admire years after the hunt.

Specializing in Custom Wildlife Displays

Bring the beauty of nature into your home or business with a life size wildlife display.
View some of the work we have done and visit our Wildlife Displays!

Licensed African - Asian Receiving Agent

No Handling or Dipping Charges only to Taxidermy Customers.

We ship world wide!

When hunters go outside of the United States to hunt they need what is called a broker to get their trophies back into the States. The broker can help get the paper work done and through customs as it can get complicated. Our Broker is Coppersmith Inc. - Visit their website at www.coppersmith.com.

Approved by the USDA

to perform taxidermy on;
  • Hunted trophies
  • Mount trophies
  • Store and/or process restricted* materials
  • Display restricted* materials (museums)
  • Irradiate restricted* materials
(*a restricted material is a product from a country of disease concern to the USDA.)

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Taxidermist Taxidermy Supplies and Services

Great Deer of the West

By: Roger Selner
» Over 60 Deer
» 6 State Record Bucks
» 3 Wyoming Living Legends
» 4 World Record Deer
» The Lopez 300" Buck
» Complete B & C Score Charts
» Large 8.5" x 11" Format
» Full Page Glossy Photos
» Only $39.95

» Visit Eastmans for further information.

Great Deer of the West

The Buck of a Thousand Lifetimes

A father and son find a true monster mulie.
Kyle Lopez 02-05-08

Click here for the story!

Kyle's buck done by Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy
The Magazine for Western Trophy Hunters

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