**Warning: This page contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.**


How to Properly Cape


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D. Ring the body below the brisket bone. Leave plenty of cape as you can't have too much.

E. Create an incision around the knee joint.


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G. When making this incision it is important to keep your incision to the outside of the armpit, and straight out to where you meet step D incision.

H. Finish skinning cape off of carcass, and detach at back of head at the axis of spine and skull.



A. Create incision from the back of the antler, cutting with the hair.

B. Make the exact same incision on this side to meet the other incision made on step A.

C. Continue incision down the back of the neck, following the dark stripe on the back of the neck until you meet where step D incision is going to be made.


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F. Make incision up the leg following where the light comes together with the dark hair.  Keep the incision as straight as possible.


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