Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy is a taxidermy in Montana (US). We offer professional, high quality taxidermy services on all types of animals from birds to mammals. Our portfolio includes taxidermy projects for hunters, museums and commercial businesses. We have created skulls, antlers, mounts and rugs for homes, offices and cabins. And with a wide selection of preservation equipment, mounting and casting materials, we will take your prize trophy and turn it into a taxidermy animal display that you will treasure for many years to come. If you haven’t been hunting but want an animal piece, buy taxidermy items from our own wildlife collection. Although we specialize in taxidermy in Montana (US), we can service local, national and international customers.

Also known for our cleaning and restoration services, we can make an old mount, rug or other taxidermy animal look like new again. Our services include recoloring and repairs. The cost is based upon the age and condition of the item, so contact us for a quote. Approved by the USDA, we go to great lengths to be safe, professional and respectful in all of our transactions. Having a positive reputation worldwide, buy taxidermy and pick up your taxidermy in Montana. We can also ship your purchase to you anywhere in the US or worldwide.

Located in Northwest Montana of the US, we do a lot of work with fowl, fresh fish and bears. Stop by to see us in action or get a closer look at our large display of taxidermy animals. If you’re not near by, shop our online catalog to buy taxidermy products from our store that will enhance your decor and celebrate your appreciation for wildlife. If in stock, these items are ready to ship to you immediately. We also offer taxidermy animal workshops and classes for both the beginning or experienced taxidermist in Montana (Kalispell).

We are dedicated to the profession and stand by our work. We promise to deliver quality products and great prices.

Skull Mounts: Economical and a Quick Turnaround

If you are looking for an economical but decorative way to preserve your trophy, the skull mount might be the best option for you. Also known as a European or western skull mount, this taxidermy method keeps only the skull of the animal along with its antlers or horns as a keepsake. Consequently, it will not take up lots of room making it ideal for apartments and tiny offices. Additionally, skull mounting is a much quicker process than most other taxidermy services. So if you are in a hurry to have your beautiful trophy home, let us work with you to design the perfect skull mount for your space.

Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy can create a skull mount out of any animal. We have worked with animals from all over the world including deer, antelope and moose. Along with turning your trophy into a lasting memory such as an elk skull mount, we can also create a skull mount in tribute to your beloved cat or dog.

With European mounting, your skull will be carefully displayed on a wooden plaque to be either hung or placed on a table or desk. Choose a wooden plaque made of oak, cherry or walnut to complement your décor. We can also customize your mount to give it a unique and one-of-a-kind look. Some ideas might include special lighting, custom dipping or an engraved name plate.

Our western skull mounts are museum quality and crafted to keep its color and clarity for years to come. We begin by cleaning and then whitening the skull for safe preservation. Next, we will design your mount or backboard to fit on your wall or table. A straight wall mount is also possible for a simpler and clean look. Finally, your skull is securely anchored to the plaque for easy hanging or placement.

A Montana Taxidermy, Wildlife Recapture is convenient located off of MT-37 in Libby. If you would like a European style mount for your wall décor, we have both deer and elk mounts for sale in our showroom.