Deer Antler Mounts - Space Saving and Budget Friendly

Are you planning a deer hunt and want to know how you can preserve and capture the memory of your hunt? Most hunters don’t have the money to invest in a full-body deer or shoulder mount. Additionally, these types of trophies will take up lots of space. Therefore, if you have an apartment or condominium, these mounts may not be feasible. What can you do?

Keep a small trophy to remind you of that adventure. The deer antler mount is small and costs about 10% of a full-body mount. It is also about a 1/3 of the cost of a skull mount.  

What is a deer antler mount?

The deer antler mount showcases only the antlers of the animal and thus is lightweight and easy to hang. However, you can also have your deer antler mount attached to a table stand. This way you can showcase it on your fireplace mantle, desk, bookshelf, or end table.

How to Personalize Your Deer Antler Mount

First our team will work with you to choose a skull plate (or cap) for your mount. Choose from colors of tan, dark brown or black. This plate can also be covered in camouflage fabric, leather or felt.

Next, your deer antlers will be mounted on a plaque giving it a professional look and feel.  Select from a variety of styles and colors based upon your décor. Select a rustic or weathered wood plaque if you plan to display it in your cabin or basement. And select one in oak, walnut or cherry stain for an office or living room.  Further personalize your deer antler mount with a few words about your hunt. Include information such as the date, place the deer was caught and how much the deer weighed.  Lastly, we will let you choose the shape of your plaque and any trim such as rope or cords for added embellishment.

Whether you want something with a sporty, elegant, antique or rustic flair, our Montana Taxidermy Services can make your deer antler mount extra-special. We have received worldwide recognition and are experienced in mounting, refreshing and restoration.